Our Mission

Provide practical knowledge that reduces risk of injury, improves quality of life, and enables a greater enjoyment of adventure for our clients.

About Survival Fitness

Concepted in 2020, and opened officially in 2022, Survival Fitness is a unique hybrid between functional fitness and emergency response skills, as both are essential to safely enjoy life off the beaten path. It is our goal to improve the outcome of your next vacation, camping trip or emergency situation.

We all have gaps in our knowledge, which is why someone who is an excellent athlete may not know about water purification, and even an experienced outdoorsman may not be in prime shape as they age. Last but not least there are those who may lack both outdoor experience and physical fitness but have a desire to enjoy camping, hunting, sports, travel to remote areas, or simply preserve mobility and activity throughout life.

About Instructor

Cody Rauh is the Owner & Instructor at Survival Fitness. With over 10 years of experience teaching over 1600 people life-saving skills he brings not only the skills of a highly capable instructor but also the lessons learned in developing training programs for his other training company Defense Education, which has been open since 2015.